Closed-die Forgings

Lakeview Forge specializes in custom closed-die forgings for a range of industries. We have decades of experience manufacturing forged components for critical applications and a commitment to continuously refining our processes and updating our production capabilities. Skilled at meeting the exact requirements of every project, we provide complete quality assurance to our customers.

Closed-Die Forgings

Design & Engineering

Our Engineering Department utilizes CAD software and SolidWorks modeling to assist customers in the design of the forging, tools and dies from existing part specifications. Offering near-net forged parts, our team makes it possible to reduce material usage and the need for additional machining, while ensuring every component is the highest quality available.

CAD Engineering Services

Nondestructive Testing

We offer a variety of common nondestructive tests, from simple calibration to magnetic particle inspection, as well as in-line testing during production. Our inspection methods are matched to the customer’s parameters, whether they are general industrial requirements or stringent government standards.

Nondestructive Testing Services

Unsurpassed Quality

We have the technical training, resources and experience to adapt our forging services to meet the challenges of demanding applications. Contact us today to learn more about our forging capabilities or to request a quote for your next project.