*Drop hammers range in size from 1,000 to 3,500 pounds

  • (1) Chambersburg #14 Die Forger Hammer
  • (1) 1000# Erie board drop hammer
  • (1) 1500# Erie board drop hammer
  • (2) 2000# Erie board drop hammers
  • (5) 2500# Erie board drop hammers
  • (2) 3500# Erie board drop hammers

Materials & Sizes

*Weights from a few ounces up to 15 pounds

  • Carbon – .08 to 15lbs
  • Alloy – .08 to 15lbs
  • Stainless Steel – .08 to 12lbs
  • Monel – .08 to 10lbs
  • Hastelloy – .08 to 8lbs


Short or long runs – (1 to 100,000 pieces)

Die Sinking

Our die-sinking facilities produce and repair dies, ensuring complete control and critical documentation of tooling performance during production runs.


We are equipped with a CAD/CAM system to assist in both product design and tool and die design. Our engineers use their expertise to make improvements to your design and process while reducing costs. Our software includes SolidWorks, Solid Edge-2D and Smartcam.


Utilizing a variety of methods to develop estimates, we ensure the accuracy and accountability of our production costs.

Close Tolerances

We specialize in near-net-shape forging, which is characterized by high tolerance accuracy and mechanical consistency.

Advanced Forging Capabilities
Lakeview Forge Certifications

Lakeview Forge is dedicated to delivering quality forged parts for high strength and performance applications. As a manufacturing partner, we continually improve our processes, striving to reduce unnecessary costs while providing consistent quality and personalized service.

Contact us to learn how our versatile forging capabilities can help you be more competitive.

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