Forgings engineered for demanding requirements

Forging expertise for over 100 years

Lakeview Forge Company is a premium supplier of precision and near-net metal components for the defense, firearms, machinery, hand tools, automotive, agricultural and aerospace industries. We design, manufacture and deliver tight-tolerance closed-die forgings for the most demanding applications.

By leveraging decades of design and manufacturing experience, we increase production efficiency and reduce fabrication, labor and material waste. We are committed to supporting your success and have the flexibility and expertise to meet your exact requirements and ensure a successful project.

What We Do

We specialize in closed-die forgings, a process that can produce near-net-shape tolerances to improve product stability and lower costs.


We’re dedicated to solving your manufacturing challenges and providing consistent quality assurance and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Lakeview Forge?

When your components need to meet exacting standards, rely on us for our expertise, agility and service.

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