Welcome to Lakeview Forge

Lakeview Forge manufactures small to medium closed-die custom forgings ranging in weight from a few ounces to 15 pounds in stainless, carbon and alloy steel. More than a century of experience in the forging process as well as our secondary operations, such as machining, plating, and heat treating, has earned Lakeview our reputation as a sole source for a finished quality product - from design through delivery.


Lakeview also owns tooling for more than 100 standard forgings which we supply with no tooling charge to our customers. These standards include forged clevises, eye ends and AN/AS fittings and many military forgings, including suspension lugs.

Lakeview's keystone logo is stamped in anywhere the trusted strength of forgings is required including the aircraft, defense, firearms, machinery, hand tool, automotive, off-road vehicle and agriculture industries.


Lakeviewforge Company and the Erie Tool Works are registered to ISO 9001:2008.


Producers of Quality Custom Forgings for over 100 years

LAKEVIEW FORGE COMPANY     1725 Pittsburgh Avenue     Erie, Pennsylvania 16505      814-454-4518